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We believe that the power of a strong brand can directly set you apart from competition. Empower specializes in creating new brand identities and revitalizing sluggish branding.


Our customized strategic and/or marketing planning sessions provide your team the opportunity to think quantitatively and qualitatively, and will give your credit union a competitive edge in the markets you serve.


From conceptualization to design, print and execution, we can help you achieve your lending, membership, profitability goals and more with our results-driven marketing campaigns.


Empower your employees to engage on a deeper level with members. Our customized training programs will help maximize member engagement, resulting in improved member acquisition, retention, and increased member loyalty.

Why Choose Empower?

Industry Expertise

We have decades of experience working with credit unions of all shapes and sizes, from California to Maine and everywhere in between. We’ve even taken home some industry awards for our work!


The staff at Empower are some of the most creative individuals this side of the Mississippi, with concentrations in everything from graphic design to interior design, theater, social media and digital marketing.

Strategic Mindset

Just because we’re creative doesn’t mean we aren’t strategic! Strategic planning and facilitation is one of the number one services that we provide each year.

Change Agents

We take pride in helping you see outside the financial institution box and encourage you to embrace change in order to fuel growth.


Not exactly sure what you’re looking for or how to get there? That’s ok! It’s our job to be flexible when it comes to our consultative approach. We’ll help you narrow your focus.


When it comes to next-level innovation, we’re your best friend! Whether it’s marketing automation, social media, digital transformation, or something that’s not even invented yet, we’ll point you in the right direction.


Ready to work with Empower? We’d love to have you!

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Our Work at a Glance
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