Strategic Planning

Our customized planning sessions provides your team the opportunity to think quantitatively and qualitatively and will give your credit union a competitive edge in the markets you serve.

Where are we now?

Empower takes a deep dive into your core competencies, previous plans, goals and objectives, as well as conducts a pre-planning survey to determine the next steps in the planning process.

Where do we want to be?

We will help you determine what success looks like for your organization, which challenges to address, and which opportunities can be capitalized on to take your credit union to the next level.

How do we get there?

This stage engages your credit union board and management team in developing an implementation plan to include strategic goal statements, action items, KPI’s/metrics and more, providing you with a fully executable strategic plan for the time frame of your choice.


Through professional coaching, we can support your credit union throughout the implementation of your strategic plan to help you achieve desired results. Monthly or quarterly check points can help your team stay on track and meet your strategic objectives.

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